Metal guitarist Alexi Laiho never got divorced from his first wife

Alexi Laihos spouse Kelli Wright-Laiho tells Ilta-Sanomat that the couple was planning to get married this year.

Alexi Laiho was married to Kimberly Goss. His latest partner Kelli Wright-Laiho tells that the couple was supposed to get married this year.

19.1.2021 5:30

The Children of Bodom guitarist Alexi Laiho never divorced his first wife Kimberly Goss which is why he was not officially married to Kelli Wright-Laiho. Both women have confirmed this to Ilta-Sanomat.

Laiho married American Goss February 1st 2002. According to official documents Laiho did file for divorce alone in November 2002 but quickly withdrew his application. Since this happened even before the reconsideration period could begin the divorce was not granted.

Laiho and Goss did eventually break up. However legally they stayed married.

– I can confirm that we never divorced, Goss says.

– Yes this is true. Alexi never divorced his first wife, Wright-Laiho also confirms.

After the break up Goss stayed close with Laiho.

– During his last ten months we spoke almost daily. Nothing was left unsaid.

– That means a lot to me.

Goss talked to Laiho on the same day he died.

Alexi Laiho and Kimberly Goss never got a divorce.

According to Wright-Laiho the fact that they weren’t officially married didn’t play any role in their relationship.

– We lived together in Australia. We have a beautiful house. We paid our bills together and did groceries together – I even bought his clothes.

Wright-Laiho says that she and the guitarist held a commitment party instead of an official wedding ceremony in December 2017. She says that the couple planned to get married this year.

– I was looking forward to getting the vaccine against the coronavirus so I could travel to Alexi. He was supposed to finish the paperwork for the divorce – and we were supposed to get married officially. We had great plans.

Due to the pandemic Wright-Laiho hadn’t been able to see Laiho in ten months. She tells that the couple had long video chats and sent songs and love letters to each other. Until the messages suddenly stopped.

– One morning I didn’t wake up to Alexi calling me as usual. I got worried.

Alexi Laiho had passed away.

This is the first interview Wright-Laiho has given since Laiho died.

– I’ve been heartbroken.

– Alexi was my great love.

Laiho was also close with Wright-Laiho’s daughter. She tells that her daughter misses him also.

– She had hidden Alexi’s clothes under her bed.

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